With Other Achieving These Compliance Results When Addressing HIPAA Security Compliance, Are You Absolutely Certain That Saying "NO" Is The Right Decision To Make?


I have been running my Home Health Agency for 15 years, and like many other home health agencies, it is so important that my practice management software is always up and running. I have used many computer service companies in the past but nothing comes close to DUMATEK’s services, or the cost of it. The part that makes DUMATEK stick out the most is their approach to helping me and my staff, as well as my business associates meet compliance to HIPAA Security. I don’t know where I would be right now in compliance to HIPAA Security without DUMATEK. I am not a tech savvy individual but through DUMATEK, I am able to see how my company protects e-PHI and understand how my company is meeting continuous compliance to HIPAA Security and HITECH. I have been using DUMATEK for over five years. Thank you so much DUMATEK!”
~ Leticia Sambeli, President, St Jude Home Health Corp., Downey California

Prior to getting involved with DUMATEK, we have used several computer companies to support our network. We had over 30 computers so it was a challenge in itself to make sure the network was always stable and working. HIPAA Security bothered me because I was worried about how I was going to handle the stability of the computer network and meet compliance at the same time. I did not have the time to look into the requirements of HIPAA Security and I found out, that this was a big job! It started out as a headache trying to find a way to get the information for compliance but luckily enough, we got DUMATEK and they were able to put our HIPAA Security in a structured format that is easy to practice within the company and easy to explain under a HIPAA Security audit. I am impressed by how complete the HIPAA Security package “ServerALL™” is of DUMATEK. It is specifically used for the small business sector and I can tell you that it fits like a glove. Not only is it a complete turn-key package for compliance but an affordable one as well. For over five years, we’ve been using DUMATEK for all our HIPAA Security compliance and computer network needs.”
~ Rohan Kelly, HIPAA Security Officer, AC Home Health Agency, Inc., Los Angeles, California

For over five years, we’ve used DUMATEK for all our HIPAA Security and computer service needs. I am already on my second ServerALL™ and if you get a full explanation of this complete HIPAA Security package; you’ll understand why I say this. My Home Health Agency is over 15 years old, and I cannot seem to think of using anything else knowing I have to meet compliance to HIPAA Security and prepare for audits that are up coming. Also, I made sure I can address a breach in the event one happens. DUMATEK gives me the full-time IT Technician I need who is fluent with HIPAA Security compliance, at the cost of only a little bit over $300.00/month, who can beat that?”
~ Erich Chan, CEO/Administrator, Practicare Home Health Inc., Arcadia, California

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