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Publish Date: November 2013

The outsourcing industry in the Philippines called, “Business Process Outsourcing” or “BPO”, is a growing phenomenon with identified and organized segments in services supporting different US industries and other countries.  Healthcare Information Management happens to be an aggressively fast growing segment in the BPO industry called Healthcare Information Management Business Process Outsourcing or, HIMBPO.  The United States is a big customer of the Philippines when it comes to HIMBPO where, for many years, larger enterprise organizations took advantage of well planned outfits from the Philippines side to operate in sync as back-end operations generating great savings for these US giants in the healthcare arena. This healthcare outsourcing phenomenon is growing with only limited marketing efforts.  Metaphorically, these healthcare giants are mining GOLD out of the Philippines through HIMBPO companies.  Today, it is not uncommon to find small to medium size healthcare operations with savvy business minds finding GOLD this way as well.  Sometimes the savings even rescue their complacent businesses.

Much of the business revenues and opportunities are awarded to the Filipinos because of the brilliant minds of their leaders, the size of the medical talent, their diction of the English language, and their very courteous customer service skills.

But with HIPAA/HITECH in place now, with evidence of entities getting penalized for non-compliance, data security and compliance has become a concern when US patients’ healthcare  information is managed, stored, or accessed in the Philippines.  With the business associates and sub-contractors now directly involved under these new amendments of these laws (final Sept 23, 2013); HIMBPO will now fall in the line of data security and compliance challenges by their US customers and insurers.

In relation, Dumatek only aims to protect the US healthcare information and help secure ties when entities fancy or find the need for these kinds of business operations and relationships. And instead of companies going to the Philippines to seek “safe for hire” outfits, we are exposing companies that do their due diligence when it comes to data security and compliance through the HOLD®, and help US healthcare providers and payers who seek outsourcing minimize risk. 


Through this organized introduction and exposure of the HOLD®, healthcare companies in the United States who are interested in outsourcing will be able to simply request reports to identify processes they can outsource, and they will also get an idea of how much they will be saving versus their current expenses for the identified processes, and discuss possible solutions to mitigate, if not eliminate “risk” as well. The report is offered as a free report for a US healthcare company interested, but requires the company to be assessed under this program.

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