Small Business Server Solution

Dumatek is protecting E-PHI one server at a time.


Small Business Server Solution for continuous compliance to HIPAA Security!

Great for EHR Technology Users to meet all STAGES of meaningful use!

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COMPLIANCEALL SERVER PRICE: $4,998.00 (Shipping not included)

The Remote Monitoring and Support Agreement (RMSA)

The RMSA is great way to show continuous compliance, aside from having a bill for it!


$698.00/mo (server plus managed services)

$380.00/mo (managed services only)

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The standard ComplianceALL package is for a 5 user access license package.

Access licenses are sold in 5 packs @$680.00/5user

So, if you have 7 workstations, you need a 10 pack which is, the ComplianceAll cost + $680.00.

Are you Recording Network Activity?  ComplianceALL can do this!

View and example of a Dumatek HIPAA certification here

ComplianceALL comes with documentation required to meet compliance to HIPAA Security.


Dumatek is a solution provider that uses ComplianceAll”,an applicable network solution for small to medium size healthcare providers.  Combined with remote monitoring and support, ComplianceAll is a network solution specifically designed to allow these healthcare providers to minimize risk and vulnerabilities to their electronic protected health information (e-PHI), and maintain its e-PHI’s confidentiality, integrity and availability.


Typically, these healthcare providers have limited IT resources.  To most of them, their need to meet compliance is unavoidable and their need to maintain e-PHI confidentiality, integrity, and availability is incomprehensible and has become an issue today.  Information Technology (IT) “upgrades” and “replacements” are costly and considered unfamiliar ground for these healthcare providers especially in Information Technology.


 These Covered Entities (CE) and Business Associates (BA) in healthcare need help!


It is by law today that these healthcare and non-healthcare agencies become familiar with their so-called “e-PHI protection systems”, or computer network systems with security measures in place, and it is a requirement that they are documented and periodically evaluated. These providers can not afford added payroll, high maintenance products and costs, and extensive installation processes or downtime to accomplish compliance and are having a hard time finding an approach that will make ends meet between cost and compliance.  On the other hand, they also cannot afford non-compliance, viruses hits, malicious intrusions, loss of data, or extended periods of downtime for repair or replace.   This is where ComplianceAll comes in to play.


This Dumatek solution “ComplianceAll” provides the actual process of the implementation specifications of the Security Management Process of the Administrative Standards required by the HIPAA Security Rule.This is the implementation of the Risk Analysis, Risk Management, Sanction Policy, and Information System Activity Review.  All other required” standards and implementation specifications of the HIPAA Security Rule are also included in the ServerAll package such as the Contingency Plan.


With a complete ComplianceAll network solution package, the end product of an agency will be a comprehensively documented computer network system, standardized and configured with a full Backup and Disaster Recovery System (BDRS), maintained through a Remote Monitoring and Support Site. This solution eliminates the required need for extensive training in IT, time for planning, time for documentation, time for solution research, time for identifying and applying controls to minimize common vulnerabilities and risk to e-PHI, time for evaluations, and payroll for personnel required to maintain this program. And, it makes available a fully documented and comprehensive presentation for a surveyor to research or for an employee or staff member to reference in case of an incident.  With the new HIPAA security laws in effect and using ServerAll, small to medium size healthcare agencies are able to focus on its core business functions- “healthcare” rather than the IT technical side of the business for compliance, much as before the security laws were published. It gives company owners and management peace of mind when being addressed with security rule compliance or security protection of e-PHI in their healthcare agency.

The ComplianceAll solution is specifically designed for all small to medium size healthcare agencies who want to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the electronic protected health information in their agency as required by law stated in the HIPAA Security Rule and, make ends meet between cost and compliance.  For more information, call (714) 460-5508.