CCP's and EHR

Certified ComplianceALL® Professional (CCP)
Dumatek authored and offers the CCP course, which teaches IT Professionals how to implement HIPAA Security Standards using the ComplianceALL® solution as a tool and reference to help the small business sector meet compliance to the HIPAA Security Rule. These IT Professionals are required to undergo a 2-Day Certified ComplianceALL® Professional (CCP) Course, and pass the CCP exam before they can apply the ComplianceALL® solution into a Covered Entity or prove their knowledge of the HIPAA Security Rule. The certification is from Dumatek, and through its sole ownership can show IT Professionals how they can gain extra revenue through the healthcare industry small business sector. CCPs are required to re-certify every two years. A Certified ComplianceALL® Professional (CCP) is an IT professional trained to give in-service training/workshops, assess and evaluate and correct identified security deficiencies which is a requirement for meeting HITECH Meaningful Use STAGE1 incentives, basically taught the HIPAA Security Rule. For the next class, ask Dumatek 714-460-5508.

EHR Users should get it from a CCP!
The recommendations and writing of the Risk Analysis is a process taught to CCPs or done by Dumatek. The standard price of a Risk Analysis by Dumatek is $980.00 (10 workstations and a Server or less). The majority of covered entities are just starting to understand the need and requirements of the Risk Analysis. They are starting to understand that without the Risk Analysis, they cannot meet compliance to the HIPAA law, specifically the HIPAA Security Rule which is the law that protects electronic protected health information (e-PHI) such as health information created and maintained by EHR Technology. Ask Dumatek for a CCP nearest you and call 714-460-5508.