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A - HIPAA Security Workshops - peridoic training is a requirement by law

($350.00 covers any training session on-site)
LRC Available (Inquire)

B - Risk Analysis - needed for EHR Technology incentives and HIPAA Security compliance

(Estimated at $100.00 per workstation (server is figured in as a workstation) and should include any anticipated remote systems that are going to be used for the healthcare provider. Billing for the Risk Analysis is determined after the Risk Analysis is completed)

C - ServerALL™ - HIPAA Security for the small business sector making cost and compliance meet

(Sold as a off the shelf server at the cost of $4998.00 (shipping not included)

D - RMSA - Remote Monitoring Service Agreement - this is the services that allows a company to
     maintain compliance through Dumatek

($420/mo with 2 year contract)

E - ComplianceALL™ - HIPAA Security for the small business sector, the only one of its kind

(Situation where the ServerAll™ is financed through Dumatek ($698/mo with 3 year contract)

F - Upgrading Hardware and Software - Upgrading existing server to ServerALL™

(Based on Risk Analysis recommendations and outcome ($1000.00 to $2500.00))

G - Hardware Sales - Desktops/Laptops/Remote Devices

(Workstations run at an average of $650.00 per unit)

H - Software Sales - Office Suites/Accounting Software

(Market value for Office Suites, OS for workstations, etc)

I - Tracking System - Eliminate employee's personal computer activity when you are away

(360 tracking - 5 user $995.00/10 user $1,495.00/15 user $1,995.00/25 user $2,995.00 (based on Active Directory active users both on-site and remote))

J - Dumatek Digitized Nurses Notes (D2N2©) - Home Health Agency - Waiting for nurses notes
     costs money

(This is determined by the submission of forms by the agency, average $2000.00 to $3000.00 just for digitizing the forms and installing the D2N2© for the agency (maintenance fees will be incorporated soon))

K - Medical Transcription Services - Outsourced services

(Cost will be determined based on supporting group used for the services)

L - Geno Standard HHA - A home health agency Patient Management (PM) system and a Dumatek
     supported group

($300.00 per 5 users (no maintenance fees))

M - EHR-Technology Software- A EHR technology system and a Dumatek supported group

(Cost will be determined based on vendor (coming soon))

N - System Cleaning - a service that eliminates the dust in and out of your workstations and servers

($275.00 for 10 workstations and $100.00 per server)

O - Certification CCP - Health Information Technology knowledge passed to IT Personnel to help
     covered entities meet compliance to HIPAA Security

($890.00 per student)

P - Encryption Services- encryption solution with policies and procedures for HIPAA Security

($868.00 with orientation and installation and 1 month support)

Q - Scanning Services - merging your hard copy documentation to your EHR technology or e-PHI

(Cost will be determined based on job)

R - System Physical Lock-down - Physically bolting the system to the ground (system enclosures
     and databasescabinets)

($560.00 for standard server cabinets (concrete or wood) includes cage)

S - TRAINVIA-EMAIL -  peridoic training is a requirement by law

T - HIPAA SECURITY P&P and CND complete documentation for your company’s HIPAA Security compliance

($5040.00 or you can pay $420/mo for 12 months)

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