Dumatek is a 11-year HIPAA Security and Computer Network Service company that supports numerous healthcare companies in the small business sector that need to comply with HIPAA Security.  We at Dumatek currently provides services to several industries in healthcare that include DME, DENTAL, HOME HEALTH, HOSPICE, Medical Billing Services, Doctor’s Offices, SKILLED NURSING, and SCANNING COMPANIES.  These companies range from companies w/4 computers in an office to 40 computers interconnected in a LAN.  Yes, we provide services out of state as well using partnerships with organizations such as COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS (US) franchises only


We recommend to our clients the most cost effective ways in implementing requirements, guide them through the development of their documentation, and leave them with fully documented Risk Management programs with Policies and Procedures as well as a “plaque” to state that the company meets continuous compliance and that the company can be challenged


We focus on the small business sector because they are in most cases without a person who can do this job.  Also, most small healthcare businesses currently finding it difficult to make cost and compliance meet.  But through our proprietary approach, we are able to make this process very affordable.  Please allow us to explain through training which you can document as HIPAA Security Training (training under HIPAA Security is a requirement of this law).


HIPAA Security is a requirement to protect electronic protected health information (e-PHI), and is a federal law.  This means, though there are many ways to protect e-PHI in most Healthcare companies; it has to be done the HIPAA way.  Let us assist your company in maintaining continuous compliance to this law.


Our specialties: (all required by HIPAA Security)

     ✓  Risk Analysis

     ✓  Risk Management

     ✓  Information System Activity Review

     ✓  Response and Reporting

     ✓  Contingency Plan

     ✓  Data Backup Plan

     ✓  Disaster Recovery Plan

     ✓  Emergency Mode Operation Plan

     ✓  Evaluation

     ✓  Documentation and Training


For questions and more information

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